Ebony Johnson

Coach Ebony Johnson

Coach Ebony Johnson is one of TSF’s very own High school coaches. She has over 10 years of experience both playing and coaching at the high school and collegiate level. Born in Memphis, Tennessee and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Coach Eb comes from a sports-loving family which helped develop her passion for the game at a young age. Playing throughout high school and college has provided Coach Eb with countless opportunities to see the world and make a difference for herself and other young ladies in the sport. Coach EB started playing basketball in the 6th grade and began AAU shortly after.

Coach Eb played at Columbia HS in Decatur, GA and is part of history at her high school making 4 GHSAA State appearances and winning 2 State championships. After graduating, Coach Eb received a full scholarship to attended and play at Alabama A&M University in Huntsville, AL. Coach played there all 4 years of her collegiate career from 2012-2017 gaining a red shirt year due to injury. Coach received her bachelor’s degree in Biology from the university and began working alongside her former coaches/team. She also became an intramural women’s sports coach at the University leading the women’s intramural team to a championship. Upon completion of that season Coach Eb continued to work with the Women’s basketball program at Alabama A&M transitioning into community youth development by working with staff to create basketball camps and basketball training for youth around the Huntsville area. Coach Eb then made her transition to Houston to continue graduate school in 2017 after completing her 5th year of eligibility at Alabama A&M.

Coach attended Prairie View A&M University receiving her master’s degree in human sciences/counseling. While attending PV, Coach Eb worked on the administrative side of college athletics in the areas of NCAA Athletic Compliance & Academics. During this time Coach Ebony was able to learn all things related to NCAA laws, rules, regulations, eligibility, college recruiting, academic requirements and much more. Coach Eb has extensive knowledge on NCAA college level operations and requirements for future collegiate student athletes. Coach Eb also played in the PV Club Sports league for 2 years while attending the university until graduating in 2019.

Coach Eb has years of expertise in youth/adolescent mental health counseling and behavior intervention as she has served in many settings caring and providing for children with disabilities. Her experience includes direct care, case management, and supervisory roles. In 2020, Coach Eb entered the education field working in Special Education while taking on the task of coaching the girls’ basketball team at Cullen Middle School leading the girls to an undefeated season. Upon request in 2021, Coach Eb transitioned to Yates High School as an assistant coach for the girl’s program. Coach is currently still working in Special Education advocating for students with disabilities while also serving as an assistant coach for both the boys & girls basketball programs at Yates High School.

Coach Eb’s area of expertise is post player development, and footwork specializing in strength, conditioning, rebounding, post-defense, and mid-range game development. Coach Ebony prides herself on attention to detail, and ability to develop and motivate her players. “My goal is to always help my Forwards develop the skill that can help them become more effective and dominant forces on the court” says Coach Eb. Coach Ebony knows the importance of hard work, discipline, and teamwork. She is a respected mentor and role model for her players, instilling lifelong values they can carry with them forever. Off the court, Coach enjoys an active/fitness lifestyle, family, traveling, music, food, and fashion.